Mission Statement

We are a community of responsible, life-long  learners,
respectful of each other, the world and ourselves.

Guiding Beliefs

Every child is important

Learning to understand ourselves, get along with others, and appreciate diversity is an important part of education.

Parents, teachers, and children play a co-operative role in student learning.

Our school provides an inviting atmosphere for learning and growing.

Individuals who are nurtured through positive leaning experiences develop self-esteem and confidence.

All children are encouraged to work toward their highest potential.

Learning occurs most easily when minds are open and when methods and schedules are flexible.

Children can learn to solve most of their own problems and are accountable for the consequences of their own behavior and decisions.

Hillcrest students and staff are dedicated to life-long physical, social, and academic
well being.

School Profile

Hillcrest is a Kindergarten through fifth grade Elementary school located in North Bend Oregon.  It serves the majority of K-5 students for the city of North Bend.  Enrollment at Hillcrest is approximately 475 students.  All grades levels have three classrooms.  In addition to this we have a Resource Room classroom, Life Skills classroom, a Music room, a Library, two computer labs, and a combination gym/cafeteria.  The building has recently been remodeled and the playground is currently undergoing improvements.

The Hillcrest staff consists of 22 licensed staff members, 1 administrator, 19 instructional assistants, (full and part-time), 2 secretaries, 1.5 custodians and a food service staff.  The teaching staff is very stable and experienced.

Houghton Mifflin is the currently adopted reading curriculum and has been in use for six years.  Hartcourt Brace is the currently adopted math curriculum and has been in use for two years.  Additional programs are used to supplement core instruction in reading.  Accelerated Reader is used beginning in 1st grade and continuing through fourth grade.  The Waterford Early Literacy program is used for all kindergarten, first grade, and select second grade students.  SuccessMaker is used with all third through fifth grade students.  The SMART Reading Program is available for K-3 students.  Additional support materials are incorporated throughout the curriculum.

The free and reduced lunch percentage at Hillcrest was approximately 59% for the 2012-2013 school year.  This number has continued to increase in recent years.  Staff perceptions reflect a growing population of at risk students. 
The Title 1 program at Hillcrest provides additional support to all classrooms through a variety of activities.  Reading has been blocked for all 1st through 3rd grade students and Title 1 staff is in the classrooms during this time.   A writer’s workshop is provided for 3rd and 4th grade classrooms and additional assistance is provided for the kindergarten classes.

The PTA at Hillcrest is very active and provides a tremendous amount of support for our school.  The PTA generates funds that are used for academic support as well as school improvements. They also sponsor many school wide events.  There are a large number of volunteers at Hillcrest who help in the classrooms.

To determine which North Bend School District Elementary School your child will attend please view the map below. Students who live in the yellow highlighted area will attend North Bay while students who live in the blue highlighted area will attend Hillcrest Elementary.