Image of school building with children walking to the door.

Dear North Bend Parents, Staff, and Students,

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer. Our first sign of things returning to normal....last week Governor Brown lifted the statewide mandate requiring masks. In addition, ODE released updated guidance that shifts to a  more traditional, local decision-making model. That means the school district has the option to implement, as appropriate, relevant advisory guidance from the CDC and OHA, including face coverings, physical distancing, etc.

As of today, the district is adopting the updated Ready Schools, Safe Learners Resiliency Framework for the 2021-22 School Year, including our current summer programs.

Key Points for Summer Activities:
1. Masks will be REQUIRED on the school bus and in spaces with multiple cohorts.
2. Masks are not required outside.
3. Masks are optional for students inside with a stable cohort. (The group doesn't change during the camp)
4. 3-foot physical distancing is encouraged as much as practical.
5. Frequent hand washing is REQUIRED, especially before and after eating, after restroom use, and other times as needed.
6. Staff who are vaccinated are not required to wear face masks.
7. Staff who are not vaccinated are REQUIRED to wear a face mask when students are present.
8. High School students who are vaccinated are not required to wear face masks.
9. Isolation and quarantine protocols are REQUIRED.
10. Disinfect high touch surfaces regularly.
11. Airflow & Circulation. Maximize airflow in closed spaces. Go outside when feasible.
12. Maintain small stable groups as much as possible. Minimize the mixing of groups and classes.

I recognize that it isn't possible to please everyone, even as things begin to improve. There are some people who want everything to go back to normal immediately and there are others who would like to see more health protocols in place until the threat of COVID-19 and all its variants no longer pose a threat. The reality is, COVID-19 and variants aren't going away anytime soon and while vaccinations can be a powerful tool in stopping the spread, vaccines aren't available for younger children and they aren't mandated for everyone. 

Your voice is important as my team and I make decisions for the fall. Please complete the following short survey about health protocols.

Thank you for your input! Have a great summer!

Kevin Bogatin