boy getting bandage on arm after receiving vaccine

Offering all COVID vaccines, Flu vaccines, and routine immunizations/boosters at Vaccine Clinics in partnership with Waterfall Clinic and Families Fighting Flu!

Open to all students (all districts), staff, and immediate family members at events.

Please call 541-756-6232 (at the prompt) extension 407 for more information!!

OCTOBER Clinics:
October 8th - North Bay Elementary 9am-3pm
October 15th - Hillcrest Elementary 9am-3pm
October 18th - Madison elementary (located at Blossom Gulch) - 9am-noon only
October 29th - Sunset middle school- 9am-noon

November 3rd- Marshfield High school 9am-3pm
November 10th- Eastside Elementary/Millicoma Middle School- 9am-3pm
November 15th- Marshfield Junior High- 9am-3pm
November 29th- Lighthouse School 9am – 12 noon

Vaccine Event Flyer

Flu Shot Immunization Form

COVID Student Permission Form