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Event Tickets

Online Ticketing

North Bend High School and HomeTown Ticketing have formed a partnership to implement online/mobile ticketing that will be easily accessible for sports and extracurricular activities. 

HomeTown provides a simple and fast way for students, families, and fans to access tickets for the school’s athletic events. With HomeTown Ticketing, tickets can be purchased directly and securely from the North Bend High School website. This provides a simple, convenient option for ticket purchases and helps eliminate long lines and wait times to purchase tickets the day of events.

Once tickets are purchased on the North Bend website, the tickets are then emailed to you, and can be presented at the gate as either a paper ticket that was printed at home or on your mobile device. Tickets purchased online can also be easily shared with family and friends via text! Ticket scanning at the gate is fast and touchless, so you’ll be in the stands in no time!