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Counseling Center

Mindy DubisarRegistrar
Mindy Dubisar


My name is Mindy Dubisar, I have been with the North Bend School District for 20 years.  I started out at North Bend Middle School in the front office, as that was the first year that they moved 6th graders to the Middle School.  They felt that a little more staffing would be necessary, with a half time Secretary.  As the year progressed, I moved across the hall to Student Services.  That is where I stayed until  March 2007.  Since then, I have been the Registrar at North Bend  High School.  Honestly, I was a little afraid of the "big high school" students, but have discovered that they are my favorite people. I have had many wonderful experiences over the years with our High School students and also the amazing privilege to meet over 75 Foreign Exchange students, which is something I never expected.  They have opened my world to many different cultures that I may have never experienced if I did not work at North Bend High School.

Kim BlackStudent Services Secretary
Kim Black


Hello there! My name is Kim Black and I am the secretary for Student Services. My job entails assisting the School Counselors and the Registrar in every possible way. I also set up State Testing and build the Master Schedule and do schedule changes throughout the year. On a personal note, I am married and have 3 great kids and 2 trouble-making cats. I love music and doing anything crafty!  Always here to help!

School Counselors

Rob PatrickNorth Bend High School Counselor (A-K)
Rob Patrick



Born in South Africa where I completed undergrad and military service. Moved to Namibia where I spent 8 years in two different schools as a Counselor and CTE teacher. Married and moved to the US where I spent 8 years in business while completing my Masters in Counseling. Spent 13 years in 2 different schools as a Counselor, including an American Indian Reservation school, before moving to North Bend. 

North Bend High School Counselor (L-Z)
Pam Romanko


School Psychologist

Bill BerrianNorth Bend Secondary School Psychologist
Bill Berrian


Hello, I am Bill Berrian, a North Bend School District School Psychologist. School Psychologists help students succeed academically, behaviorally, socially and emotionally. You will find me at the North Bend Middle School, North Bend High School and at the District Office.




Services are tailored to the particular needs of each student and each situation. Some of these services include: 

  • Consultation - with parents, teachers, and school staff.
  • Evaluation – assessing academic, cognitive, and behavior skills to determine students’ unique strengths and needs.
  • Intervention – helping to problem solve challenges in learning and adjustment.
  • Prevention – working with parents and school staff to create a safe and positive school environment.
  • Counseling – including individual and group.

CCHW School Therapist

Coos Health and Wellness Logo and slogan

Providing free Mental Health Service to support youth and families, while improving student learning and well-being. 

North Bend Secondary School Therapist
Sarah Simpkins

What is School-Based Mental Health?

  • Partnership between your youth’s School District and Coos Health & Wellness to provide free and convenient Mental Health Services to current District students and their families.
  • Provides counseling and other supports to help students regulate and manage their emotions in addition to depression, anxiety, stress, and other challenges.
  • Focus is on increasing student’s ability to learn and participate fully in their educational goals.
  • Services are youth and family driven and can include school teachers and others when helpful.
  • Provides immediate crisis response and assistance when needed as well. as more planned and focused care.
  • NO COST:

    • This program is funded by a grant from the Health Systems Division of the State of Oregon, OHP/ Advanced Health Coordinated Care and your School District.
    • · Services for youth covered by Oregon Health Plan– Advanced Health are funded by Advanced Health. All others are funded by HSD/State of Oregon grant funding with limited information sharing based on grant requirements.


    • Complaints may be directed to the School District and specific Mental Health service complaints may be directed to Coos Health & Wellness at 541-266-6700 or its oversight bodies including the Oregon Health Authority 503-945-5763 or Disability Rights Oregon 800-452-1694.


    • Under Oregon Rule you and your youth have specific rights regarding mental health care. These relate primarily to competent and respectful treatment, choice in services, involvement/direction in care, confidentiality of information.
    • Please reference website for more information on Rights.
    • The school-based mental health provider may see a youth when they experience struggles related to their mood or behavior. These interventions will be brief, focused and aimed at returning the youth back to the classroom.
    • For all other types of School-Based Mental Health care and supports we need your approval or “consent” as the parent or legal guardian.
    • In these situations, the Mental Health Provider will contact you to ask for your consent and develop a plan of care that you help direct.
    • By Oregon law, youth 14 years and older can consent to their own care including Mental Health care but we are required to involve parents/guardian unless it is unsafe to do so.
    • As a medical service, mental health records are kept in strict confidence in accord with the privacy practices of Coos Health & Wellness.
    • Coos Health & Wellness cannot release information to the School District or others without parent or legal guardian authorization.
    • If you approve communication with the School, the Mental Health Provider will talk with you to clearly understand what information may be shared and what information may not be shared with teachers, administrators or others.
    • Coos Health & Wellness does release information as required or allowed by law. Commonly this involves mandatory abuse reporting and activities related to treatment coordination, payment and operational requirements such as audits.
    • Any record requests regarding your youth’s care would be directed to Coos Health & Wellness.
    • Please reference Coos Health & Wellness’s Privacy Practice guidelines for a full description.
    • Coos Privacy Policy