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TRIO Talent Search

TRIO Talent Search is easy to participate in!


  • Meet with your Talent Search Advisor four times each school year until senior year, when you meet ten times during the year.

  • Attend free events throughout the year. Transportation and food are always provided. You can have fun with your friends and meet students in TRIO programs from other schools.

  • Ask about leadership roles in Talent Search.

  • Stop in the TRIO Center in Room 5 to get questions answered or find out what events are coming up. Room 5 is in Senior Hall.

We are using Google Classroom to reach students at NBHS. You can see contact and event information in our TRIO Talent Search Virtual Classroom below. Open the Classroom by clicking on the arrow in top right corner, then click on different objects in the room, like my cat or the view from the window, for links to fun or interesting information.


  • Check in any time with your TRIO Talent Search Advisor: Sandy James, or 541-751-7154, or stop by the NBHS TRIO Center, Room 5. (All visitors must check in at the front office).

  • Get involved with our fundraising events.

  • Attend our Open House events at the NBHS TRIO Center.

  • Support your student in attending our events and using our resources – it’s always free!

Talent Search Eligibility

  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States

  • For NBHS, students must be a freshman, sophomore, or junior.

  • Parents or legal guardian did not graduate from a four-year college*

  • Qualify within the income eligibility requirements*

 *30% of students who apply can be accepted even when they do not meet these last two conditions.

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