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TRIO Upward Bound

Upward Bound serves 52 students between both high schools in North Bend/Coos Bay


  • Meet with your Upward Bound specialist weekly for check-ins (support is based on your needs) 

  • Attend free events throughout the year (have fun with friends and join with TRIO programs from other schools)!

  • Attend the summer academy at SWOCC (1 session for 3 wks or both sessions for 6 wks)

  • Earn money for your academic achievements (core grades and participation)! 


  • Check in any time with your TRIO Upward Bound Specialist:  Sylvia Lydick, or 541-751-7116

  • Attend our Open House events at the NBHS TRIO Center

  • Support your student in attending our events, using resources, and achieving academic success

Summer Academy:

Each summer, Upward Bound students have the privilege of participating in our Summer Academy held at the SWOCC (Southwestern Oregon Community College) campus!

Beginning summer 2023, there will be two 3-week sessions offered. A student can take one session for 3 weeks or both sessions for a total of 6 weeks. 

This program is designed to simulate the college experience in order to provide insight into what college life is really like. 

  • Attend high-school level classes and 1 college credit class for the opportunity to earn college credit!              

  • Field Trips and Cultural Activities! 

  • Earn money for your academic achievements - this is offered for summer academy as well as during the academic year.

  • This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and step out of your comfort zone

Upward Bound Eligibility

  1.  Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States

  2.  New students entering the program must be either a freshman or sophomore

  3.  The student is a potential first-generation college student (Parents or legal guardian did not graduate from a four-year college) *

  4.  Qualify within the income eligibility requirements *

  5.  Show academic potential as evidenced by at least a “C” average in core-component courses (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science). 

* 30% of students who apply can be accepted if they meet only #3 or #4 above. 

** This is a free program for students. Transportation, meals, entry/admission fees, and food are always paid for through the program.

How does a student join?

Complete and submit an Upward Bound application. These can be picked up and returned to the NBHS TRIO center, and/or you can contact your TRIO Upward Bound specialist. You may also return a completed application to the NBHS office.

The Upward Bound specialist will contact you once your application is received and reviewed.

We set an informal meeting with the parent(s) or guardian along with the student to get to know the student better and their adult support at home so we can work on meeting student needs and goals, as every student is different. This is also a good time to answer any other questions you may have about the Upward Bound program.

TRIO Upward Bound Specialist:  Sylvia Lydick, or 541-751-7116

The TRIO Center is located in Room 5 in Senior Hall. All visitors must check in at the front office

Nationally 40% of high school graduates will move to education beyond high school - 78% of TRIO Upward Bound participants entered some form of education beyond high school. 

*Program statistics have been compiled over the last 15 years. National statistics are from the Pell Institute. 


  • Students in Upward Bound Program
  • Students in Upward Bound Program
  • Students in Upward Bound Program
  • Students in Upward Bound Program
  • Students in Upward Bound Program

We will have a QR code & web link for an online TRIO Upward Bound application soon!

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