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Program Specifics


Bridges is a separate program, however, all Bridges students are eligible to continue taking courses through North Bend High School while enrolled in Bridges. Bridges students are also able to participate in all North Bend High School athletics and activities. Furthermore, Bridges students who meet state graduation requirements will be able to participate in the North Bend High School graduation ceremony and receive the North Bend High School diploma.

Students enrolled in the Bridges program are part of a small community which emphasizes the importance of relationships, goal-setting, and individualized education planning. Fewer students means more time for interactions with staff and peers to promote understanding and application of the material being taught. Additionally, the students of Bridges are able to set their own timelines for reaching their goals, to include graduation. Students meet regularly with their school counselor to determine their desired pathway and design a personalized plan for achieving their short- and long-term goals.

Students at Bridges will be engaged with both teacher-led learning (Academy Courses) and self-paced learning (Syllabus Courses) to meet state graduation requirements. Combining these opportunities allows for accelerated credit earning opportunities which can assist students who have fallen behind in their academic coursework.

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Academy Courses: Teacher-led Learning

Academy courses offer students an opportunity to complete many of their core requirements alongside their peers with regular instruction from their teachers. These courses are teacher-led and allow a hands-on approach to learning while encouraging students to maintain social interactions with their peers.

Syllabus Courses: Self-paced Learning

Syllabus courses offer students the opportunity to complete a variety of their graduation requirements at their own pace. Students are monitored by Bridges staff to ensure progress is made to achieve their term goals. Teaching staff is always accessible to support students in this process.

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Interested in becoming a Bridges student?

Due to our desire to provide increased student support, capacity in the Bridges program is limited. Bridges accepts transfers via a referral from the main high school or submission of an application. Applicants from grades 10-12 may transfer during term intervals on a case-by-case basis. Interested students should see their counselor or submit an application for consideration. Application deadlines are available on the academic calendar. Contact will be made prior to the start of the next term.

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