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NBHS Graduation Requirements

Below are the requirements for earning a standard* high school diploma from North Bend High School:

  • 72 Credits that fulfill the following categories:

    • 18 Elective

    • 9 Applied/Fine Arts

    • 3 Health

    • 12 Language Arts

    • 9 Math

    • 3 PE

    • 9 Science

    • 9 Social Studies

  • Complete two CRLEs (Career-Related Learning Experiences)

    • 10 hours total between two separate experiences. Experiences can include work, job shadowing, volunteering, etc. The experiences MUST be related to the student's future plans. For example, if they want to be a mechanic, they cannot use work experience in fast food as a CRLE.

    • Reflection for each experience

    • Signed off on by the student's advisor

    • For more info click HERE.

  • Complete all graduation paperwork the year the student graduates.

  • No outstanding fees or materials on loan from NBHS

For more info, please visit this LINK from the North Bend High School website.

*Students on a modified diploma will fulfill their 72 credits using a combination of credit types that puts more emphasis on electives. For more info contact NBHS.